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Golly Olly by MagpieFreak Golly Olly by MagpieFreak
Featuring the ever so popular and most loved psychotic, Oliver Alptraum, created by `Endling Hail Oliver and his ... pharmaceutic abilities ...

I visited a Japanese Arts Festival in London today. It's a mini convention, focusing more on the appreciation of Japanese cultural art rather than just manga and anime.

The most memorable part was listening to the Taiko drumming :) it was fantastic, then the lovely Akemi Solloway, talked about Ceremonial Tea. It was really interesting actually, and I was absolutely fascinated when she was explaining the mystics of the Kimono.

I mean, THE POCKETS THERE ARE INGENIOUS! They can store things in their sleeves and stuff!

And that just made me think of magicians and how they 'stored tricks up their sleeves'. And I just WANTED to draw something based on that. I don't know enough about kimonos, like how they're made, what they exactly look like etc, so sorry for any mistakes in there (though the size is purposefully big of Olly). I wanted to draw somebody in a kimono and just point out the pure awesomeness of kimono pockets by making those pockets monstrous, consuming mouths.

Originally I was gonna draw the Greed Incarnation (haven't thought up a name for her yet) but really ... wearing clothes that seem to be alive isn't really her style.. she's much more prim and business-like. Mebbe The Nobody - but no that's just stupid, and somebody might start thinking It was the Grudge girl or something, I dunno XD And Lucifer ... no that's not his style. His clothes are resolutely inanimate. The Hellish Jacket is a different thing entirely I guess >_>

In the end I just sat at the comp and started scribbling. The face I drew was quite lively and appeared to be a boy. And after a bit I suddenly remembered Endling's character Oliver Alptraum, so just went for that :) He was the only character I could think of who'd actually go well with the kimono idea I had in mind. Sorry the picture's so mucky but it initially was just a fun sketch, then I decided to add colour :D

yay for fanart at last :) Oliver's outfit is based on his feudal outfit for the SDL tournament. Sorry for the inaccurate details XD the original design didn't have those pockets I don't think, but I added tem anyway cos that was the whole point of the picture =/

Enjoy! :D Oh yeah and that's my Chinese name down there on the right. My Chinese handwriting has always been awful _

On the subject of clothing... I have to fix my concert dress _ accidentally ruined it a bit a few days ago so have to get it all mended up before the performance

Oliver Alptraum `Endling
xelianthought Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
iDarby Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011
That smile really scares me O_o But apart from that, nice work! I love the way you colour :D
tamatria Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
wow te quedo genial has mas XD
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